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Technology Choices

Amy Sherman

This puzzle will assess what you learned from the powerpoint about Technology choices and online enviornments.

  6               7

3.A site where students can create animated videos to display content knowledge.
4.A site where teachers can create printable quizzes for students.
5.A site where students can create a blog for class.
6.A site where teachers can create quizzes and students can take quizzes. It is completely free.
8.A site where educators can build or search for rubrics.
9.A site where students can create comic strips.
1.A site where teachers and students can create Jeopardy games for review or as assignments.
2.A site where students can collect artifacts about a specific event, person, or time period.
6.A web based site where teachers can create quizzes for students using 8 different types of questions.
7.A site that contains multiple opportunities for students to share their work including activities like spelling a picture.

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