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Stress, coping, and health

Anthony Van Dam

1 2 3
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  19 20                                            
    22 23                                                      
27 28 29                                      
    31       32  

4.Any behavior that is intended to hurt someone
7.Spending an inordinate amount of time online (2 Words)
8.Created a stress scale with Holmes (2 Words)
9.Lown for the bio psychosocial model (2 Words)
13.Healthful efforts that people make to deal with stressful events (2 Words)
15.Concerned with how psychosocial factors relate to the promotion and maintenance of health and with the causation, prevention, and treatment of illness (2 Words)
17.There are biological, social and psychological factors that affect behavior (3 Words)
20.Personality that includes a competitive nature, anger, and impatience (3 Words)
23.Model of the body's stress response, consisting of alarm, resistance and exhaustion (3 Words)
24.Occurs in any situation in which the pursuit of some goal is thwarted
25.A choice must be made about a single goal that has attractive and unnatractive aspects (3 Words)
26.Self destructive thinking (2 Words)
29.Feeling as though you have no power in situations (2 Words)
33.A choice must be made between two attractive goals (2 Words)
34.The treatment of mental disorders with medicine (2 Words)
35.Noticeable alterations in one's living circumstances that require readjustment (2 Words)
36.Unconscious reactions that protect a person doom unpleasant emotions. (2 Words)
37.Known for general adaptation syndrome (3 Words)
38.Founded the field of health psychology (2 Words)
39.Involves enduring psychological disturbance attributed to the experience of a major traumatic event (4 Words)
40.Various types of aid and succor provided by members of one's social networks (2 Words)
41.Created a stress scale with Rahne (2 Words)
1.Any circumstances that threaten or are perceived to threaten ones' well-being and that thereby tax one's coping abilities
2.Physical and emotional exhaustion
3.Personality that is marked by relaxed, patient, easygoing behavior (3 Words)
5.Defined appraisal, emotion and coping (2 Words)
6.Physiological reaction to threats in which the autonomic nervous system mobilizes the organism for fighting or fleeing (4 Words)
9.An approach to therapy that focuses on altering Clint's patterns of irrational thinking to reduce maladaptive emotions and behavior (3 Words)
10.Known for fight or flight response, and homeostasis (2 Words)
11.Active efforts to reduce, master, and tolerate stress
12.Discovered correlation between type a personality and heart disease with Rosenman (2 Words)
14.A disorder in which the immune system is gradually weakened and eventually disabled by HIIV (4 Words)
16.A general tendency to expect good outcomes
18.A choice must be made between two unattractive goals (3 Words)
19.Expectations or demands that one behave in a certain way
21.When two or more incompatible motivations or behavioral impulses compete for expression
22.Release of emotional tension
27.Best known for his work on stress (2 Words)
28.Discovered correlation between type a personality and heart disease with Friedman (2 Words)
30.Made an important bridge between behaviorism and personality psychology (2 Words)
31.The body's defensive reaction to invasion by bacteria, viral agents, or other foreign substances (2 Words)
32.Known for rational emotive behavior therapy (2 Words)

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