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1 2 3
4                 5  
9         10            
11   12                                      
    14 15            
17       18                          
20         21 22      
26 27       28                          

4.the number of cycles or waves per unit time
7.the principle that mass cannot be created or destroyed
9.an organism that makes its own food from the environment (by photosynthesis or chemosynthesis)
12.the factor that is changed in an experiment in order to study changes in the dependent (responding) variable
13.the smallest unit of matter
15.electromagnetic radiation that lies within the visible range
17.a change of energy from one form to another (e.g., mechanical to electrical, solar to electrical)
19.direct heating; the transmission of heat through a medium and without the motion of the medium
20.one of the fundamental states of matter in which the molecules do not have a fixed volume or shape
23.a solid, liquid, or gas that possesses inertia and is capable of occupying space
26.a form of energy resulting from the temperature difference between a system and its surroundings
28.internal energy found by adding the kinetic energy of particles making up a substance
29.n any periodic function (e.g., a wave) the distance between the position of rest and the highest point of a wave
30.emission of energy in the form of rays or waves
31.having a definite shape and a definite volume; one of the fundamental states of matter
1.any organism that feeds or obtains nutrients by breaking down organic matter from dead organisms
2.factor being measured or observed in an experiment
3.a fundamental principle stating energy cannot be created or destroyed but only change form
5.an organism that feeds on another organism for food
6.stored energy; the energy an object has because of its position or structure
8.the energy possessed by a body because of its motion
10.the peak or highest point on a wave
11.the distance between crests of a wave
14.the amount of matter an object contains
16.concentration of matter of an object; number of individual in the same species that live in a given area; the mass per unit volume of a substance in a given area
18.the observed affect of the force of gravitation
21.a force of attraction between two masses
22.animal or plant that consume or obtains nutrients from animals; meat-eater
24.heat transfer in a gas or liquid by the circulation of currents from one region to another
25.one of the fundamental states of matter with a definite volume but no definite shape
27.a measure of randomness or disorder in a closed system

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