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History of Latin America

Mrs. Bremer

Chapter 12

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2.page380: "The Treaty of ___________ set an imaginary line from the North Ple to the South pole at 50 degrees longitude."
6.conquistador who conquered the Incas
7.conquistador who conquered the Aztec empire
8.page 377: The Incan language
12.page 384: "Spain gave its settlers _____________, which were rights to demand taxes or labor from Native Americans."
14.knotted strings on which the Incas recorded information
16.one of the conquerors who claimed and ruled land in the Americas for the Spanish government in the 1500s
17.a pipe or channel that carries water from a distant source
18.page 375: In the Incan civilization, "each noble conducted a census so that people could be ____________."
1.Italian explorer sponsored by Spain who landed in the West Indies in 1492
2.captial city of the Aztec empire, located where Mexico City now stands
3.a large farm or plantation
4.a system of writing using signs and symbols
5.ruler of the Aztecs
6.page 369: "Crop failures, war, disease, drought or _____________ may have killed many Mayas."
9.emperor of the incas who expanded their empire
10.a person of mixed Spanish and Native American ancestry
11.page 372: "Aztec doctors were able to make more than 1,000 __________ from plants."
13.an official count of all the people in an area and how they make a living

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