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World History

1 2 3
4 5                            
  6 7                
    8     9  
  10     11      
15                       16                
17     18            

5.This uprising in 1900 led to many American missionaries being killed
7.He founded Taoism (hyphenated word)
12.Father of Modern missions (2-wds)
15.He founded Inland Missions. (2-wds)
16.This place consists of Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam
18.China's longest ruling dynasty
20.He was the first emperor of united China (3-wds)
22.This is the dialect of Northern China
23.This country is divided by the 38th parallel
24.Chinese philosopher who taught followers to respect traditions
1.This linked China to the Roman world (3-wds)
2.This American General brought troops from Japan to Korea to stop the Communists.(2-wds)
3.This was former name for Myanmar
4.First president of South Korea (2-wds)
6.Italian trader to China (2-wds)
8.This place never ruled by a Western power
9.He established the Mongol Empire (2-wds)
10.The name of the emperor in feudal Japan
11.This government takes total control of every area of life.
13.Great fertile river valley of Asia (2-wds)
14.He was the emperor of Japan from 1926-1989
17.Belonged to Britain until 1997. (2-wds)
19.The ancient name for China (hyphenated word)
20.This is the capital of South Vietnam
21.The oldest surviving religion in Japan

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