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Volleyball Terms

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1.The placement of the ball near the net to facilitate spiking
2.A spike that cannot be returned
4.The act of putting the ball in play after a point is awarded
8.Number of points a team must win by
10.When the receiving ten wins the rally to get the serve
12.What is awarded when a team makes a mistake
13.An illegal move when the ball rests momentarily on a players hands
14.A designated defensive player on the back line that wears a different jersey than the team
15.Rods secured to the net on both sides as an extension of the sideline
17.What separates the two teams on the court
18.A type of scoring when a point is awarded after every serve
19.An attempt to stop the ball by putting up two straight arms in front of the net
1.A strong downward hit ball into the other court
3.A set or bump set that leads to a successful attack
5.Person assigned to set the ball
6.The forearm pass made on low balls
7.After side out, the serving team moves to different positions
9.Number of players on the court for one team
11.A soft shot off the fingertips used when faking a spike
15.A serve that is not touched by the receiving team
16.A ball hit by a jumping hitter in the front or back row in an attempt to get the ball across the net

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