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Game Evolution Vocabulary

Luke Schommer

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7.How well your body works together to complete a task.
10.Learning how to react to situations.
14.A condition that causes pain or tingling in the hand, and is often caused by applying pressure on the nerves of the hands.
16.The degree in which the player becomes fully involved in the game world.
17.The use of random generators such as dice, cards, or other means to get a randomized result.
18.A quick, involuntary movement.
1.The connections from the brain to movement points throughout the body.
2.How well the muscles in the body remember how to react.
3.The building of intelligence through learning, remembering, and problem solving.
4.The interaction in a group environment.
5.Competitions featuring athletic abilities as the basis in determining the winner.
6.A personal opinion that a member of a group of people has the same characteristics as all in the group.
8.The ability to move your hand in response to a viewed object of action.
9.A person’s learning, problem-solving, and reasoning ability.
11.The skill or ability to perform physical tasks.
12.Skills that put most of the other skills together to make the movement look smooth.
13.The phenomenon where people do not play and interact with their physical environment.
15.Made unfeeling to events through constant exposure.

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