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The Role of the Church in Medieval Europe

Kristina Schmidt

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1.a member of a specific holy society committed to teaching and works of charity
4.the group of people who carry out the holy functions of a church
6.study of God and divine truth
8.when a saint or holy person touches an object, it is considered sacred
9.woman who takes a holy vow to spend her life with prayer and assistance to the church
11.a person who takes a heartfelt pledge to commit his life to prayer and assistance in a monastery
14.to traditionally deny a person of membership in a church
16.the christian church ruled by the pope in rome
18.a brotherhood of monks
19.a community of monks, nuns or friars
20.the theory that there is a worldwide order assembled into nature that can direct moral thinking
2.handwritten book adorned with valuable metals and luminous colors
3.a trip to a sacred place
5.study of convincing writing and talking
7.a sisterhood of nuns; also known as a nunnery
10.where women and men leave from the rest of the earth so they can commit themselves to their beliefs
12.to make a person suffer because of their beliefs
13.a formal service of christian churches
15.the bishop of Rome and superior chief of the Roman Catholic Church
17.school of higher level learning

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