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Beyond our Solar System

Janet L.Y.

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3.a cluster of stars, dust and gas
5.a term used by astronomers to describe the brightness of a star
8.an astronomical tool used to observe the sky
9.Edwin _________ discovered that the farther away a galaxy is from Earth, the faster it is moving away from the Earth
11.star groups which are named in honor of mythological characters or heroes
12.a body of gases that gives off a great amount of radiant energy in the form of light and heat
13.the study of heavenly bodies which include the Sun, the Moon, planets and stars
14.the galaxy where the sun and the Earth belongs
15.Greek word meaning "to observe"
1.an astronomer who is considered the first person to use the telescope for astronomical observations
2.Greek word meaning "at a distance"
4.one theory which tells the origin of the universe
6.scientists who collect, study and explain facts about stars ans other heavenly bodies
7.a device used for separating light into different colors
10.the distance that light travels in 1 year

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