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104 Unit 9 Vocab (New Headway Plus SE)

Michael O'Doherty

1 2
4   5                  
    7 8                  
9   10            
      11 12  
    13     14            
15                 16
  17                   18  
20 21                  
22         23   24          

3.My wife is b_______ a cake in the kitchen.
5.the colour of your skin, c___________
6.opposite of sure
8.My grandfather, my father and me. That's three g_______s.
9.for sure, d____________
13.Most of us are i_______s of Jeddah.
15.That man shouts at the children. He's very h_______.
17.a famous person, c___________
19.Jamal studied at uni for ten years. He's an e_______ in his subject.
21.The house is falling down. I need to r_______ it.
22.two people born together, t______
23.likes to be around other people, s________
1.Jamal loves football, for him it's a p_______
2.think hard, c___________
4.leave something or someone, a_______
7.very, very sad, d__________
10.They say Jeddah has the biggest f_______ in the world.
11.a place where nobody lives, w_________
12.two opposite walls are usually p________
14.Jamal is very a_______. He wants to become a millionaire.
16.a plant that stings (hurts), n_______
18.It is hot today, but there's a nice cool b_______.
20.What is the d_______ today?
24.opposite of kind, c______

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