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5.a shot intended to roll the ball
6.one over par
8.the angle or pitch on the face of a club
9.longer grass adjacent to fairways and greens
10.the act of swinging a club with the intention of striking the ball
12.during a swing when you contact the ground behind the ball first
13.seemingly bad breaks you encounter during a game
14.a shot that curves in the shape of a banana
17.a condition ensuring that no one is hurt or injured
20.the most closely mown area on the course
22.a short shot that rolls more than it flies
24.during a swing when the ball contacts the hosel instead of the clubface
26.a club part iron/part wood that replaces long irons in your bag
29.the position in which a ball rests on the ground
31.a club generally used to hit the ball the farthest
33.used to mark the location of the hole
34.to direct a golf shot
35.indentations that cover a golf ball
36.allowing a group that's playing faster to pass your group
40.a closely mown area between the tee and the green
1.a shot hit with a higher trajectory to land softly
2.a small back and forth movement with the club used to relax
3.a shot hit with a lower trajectory that is closer to the ground
4.a piece of turf torn from the ground by a club
7.regulations and procedures relating to golf
9.the completion of 18 holes
10.when your club is aimed directly at the target
11.a warning that an accidental golf shot is coming directly at you
15.clubs most likely used from the fairway
16.a small coin used to mark the position of your ball on the green
18.shorter grass growing adjacent to the putting green
19.a weather condition when seen signals you to leave the course
21.during a swing when you contact the ball with the leading edge of the club
23.a ball you should play if you think your ball is lost of out of bounds
25.the most lofted club in your bag
27.a depression in the ground usually filled with sand
28.one under par
30.the perfect shot
32.the act of playing quickly, when safe, even if it's not your turn
37.a shot that starts to the right and curves severely to the left. The opposite of slice.
38.precise way in which we place our hands on the club
39.the number of strokes an expert player will use to complete a hole

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