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X-tra Credit Unit 3

Miguel Sanchez

Ecology Crossword Puzzle

7             8                    
  10 11   12   13      

2.Spontaneous movement of particles of gases or liquids from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration.
3.Plant that separates the processes of carbon dioxide uptake and fixation when growing under arid conditions.
5.Breakdown of complex organic substances into simpler ones.
7.Any plant that produces at its first step in photosynthesis the three-carbon compound photosyntheric acid.
14.Amount of light at which plants achieve the maximum rate of photosynthesis.
15.Organism that obtains energy from the breakdown of dead organic matter to simpler substances.
16.Specialized tissue located between the epidermal layers of a leaf.
17.Loss of water vapor from a plant to the outside atmosphere.
18.Reduction of a large habitat area into small,scattered remnants.
19.The slowing or stopping of a plant process by light.
1.Depth of water or level of light at which photosynthesis and respiration balance each other.
4.Cells surrounding small vascular bundles in the leaves of vascular plants.
6.Organism that feeds on dead organic matter.
7.The set of the metabolic reactions and processes that take place in the cells of organisms to convert biochemical energy from nutrients into adenosine triphosphate.
8.Pores in the leaf or stem of a plant that allow gaseous exchange between the internal tissues and the atmosphere.
9.Amount of energy formed by an individual, population, or community per unit time.
10.Homeostatic control in which an increase in some substance or activity ultimately inhibits the direction of the processes leading to the increase.
11.Control in a system that reinforces a process in the same direction.
12.Adapted to environmental conditions devoid of oxygen.
13.Any plant that produces at its first step in photosynthesis a four carbon compound,malic or aspartic acid.

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