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1.positive expectations, silver- lining
5.a dark image cast on the ground by light
7.ceremonies for a dead, beloved person
9.anonym: hatred
12.everlasting, not able to decay/ perish, undying
13.mental or emotional suffering
15.strong desire especially sb. distant
17.affords illumination
19.sharp sorrow/ painful regret
21.unfeeling, unsympathetic, cruel
23.the end of life
24.to vanish from sight, pass away
25.any of the feelings of joy, desperation
27.to hug sb.
29.mattering much, being great significance
32.lacking of awareness/ unable to see
35.satan, the spirit of evil
36.flowing from the eyes because of sad emotions
37.refusing to listen, being without the sense of hearing
38.an art of sound that expresses emotions with melody
39.to dislike sb. intensely/ passionately
40.to rescue from danger or possible harm or loss
41.to discover or regret the loss or absence of sb.
2.a substance that destroy life or impair health
3.believed to survive death
4.what's the meaning of it?
6.the state of being completely forgotten or unknown
8.composition in verse, characterized by great beauty of language
10.protection, solicitude, attention
11.the absence of light
14.the period of darkness between sunset and sunrise
16.a battle or struggle
17.uttering sounds to express pleasure, happiness
18.a mark left by a healed wound/ a lasting psychological injury
20.a preternatural being, sucking blood
22.causing a depressing feeling of being alone
26.character, being oneself, personality
28.seraphim, cherubim
30.present, past, future, therefore our life is a limited period
31.the place of punishment of the wicked after death
33.good fortune
34.a fond wish, hope/ occuring in a sleeping state
35.to count on sb./ confide in sb.

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