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March Crossword

Marisa Mark

1 2
3 4                
5 6      
7               8     9
13         14          

4.item that has said to appear at the end of a rainbow
7.place where St.Patrick's Day originated from
8.an instrument that was used in ancient
11.you will be pinched if you don't wear this color on St.Patrick's Day
12.another word for clover
13.cereal that has a leprechaun as it's 'mascot'
15.place in Ireland where the annual parade and festival is hosted
16.green, white, and __________ are colors of the Irish flag
17.reptile that was banished by St. Patrick
1.day celebrated on March 17th
2.number leaves on a clover that has said to be lucky
3.weekday that St.Patrick's Day is on
5.Irish dance
6.character that represents St.Patrick's Day
9.another word for tavern/bar
10.an accessory that is usually on the top of a leprechaun's hat
14.a vegetable that is served with corn beef for the traditional St.Patrick's day meal

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