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Factoring Puzzle

Caitlyn Mcluskie

Factoring Project Algebra 1 Saxon 4th period

2 3 4  
    5   6  

7.a polynomial with three terms
9.the coefficient of the 1st term of the polynomial once it has been ordered (2 Words)
10.when a monomial is expressed as the product of prime numbers and variables and no variable has an exponent greater than one (2 Words)
12.GCF; ex: GCF of 48x+12, GCF=12; greatest number that can divide into both of the given monomials (3 Words)
15.a whole number, greater than 1, whosse only factors are 1 and itself (2 Words)
17.first, outer, inner, last
18.the method used to determine to prime factorization of a given integer (2 Words)
19.a whole number, greater than 1, that has more than 2 factors (2 Words)
1.trinomials that are the square of a binomial (3 Words)
2.all the prime factors of a number (can use a factor tree) (2 Words)
3.a polynomial in which the terms decrease in degree from left to right and there are no like terms (2 Words)
4.the greatest degree of all the degrees of the monomials in the polynomial (4 Words)
5.DOS; ex: (x+2)(x-2)=x^2-4; when you foil it, you get a binomial as an answer (3 Words)
6.the equation used to solve a vertical motion problem
8.the sum of all the exponents of the variables in the monomial (4 Words)
11.when a polynomial has no other integers/variable that can factor into it (2 Words)
13.the way of factoring trinomials with a coefficient greater than 1 (2 Words)
14.a polynomial with two terms
15.a monomial or the sum of more than one monomials, each of which are called a term (terms are separated with + and - signs)
16.one term that consists of a number, a variable, or the product of a number and a variable with whole number exponents

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