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Adjectives and Adverbs

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1.Inidiana Jones is very _________________ because he is always out looking for treasure.
4.When I fell into the pool I was ___________________ soaked.
5.Ants ___________________ lift up objects ten times their size.
9.Sprinters are _____________________.
13.Ants are very _________________.
14.This wall will be hard to push down because it is very ______________.
15.People who play sports are ______________________.
16.Ninjas move ________________ in the dark.
18.Timmy __________________ waited to open his birthday present.
2.My friend is always on time because he is _______________________.
3.My friends have never lied to me and this makes them ____________________.
5.When you go fishing, you wait ____________________.
6.Mustangs are really _______________ cars.
7.I like to lay in bed all day and watch t.v. because I am __________________.
8.Alan is _________ because he helped an old lady carry her groceries to her car.
9.When I read, it has to be ________________. Noises distract me.
10.The hulk is really ______________________.
11.Weight lifters are very ________________________.
12.Soldiers and firefighters are very _________________.
17.Train are usually ___________________ and have a lot of cars.

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