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World History

1 2           3   4 5   6    
  8 9       10        
      12                       13
15               16              
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22     23 24  
27                         28            
29                           30
  32           33                
35       36        

2.This beautiful building was built as a tomb.(2-wrds)
5.This system is a strict social structure of India.
10.Capital of Egypt.
11.These were knights and warriors of Japan.
12.This item helped to solve the riddle of Egyptian writing. (2-wrds)
14.An important canal completed in 1869.
15.Former president of the Philippines.
17.He established the Mogul Empire in India
18.The only female pharaoh of Egypt.
20.Africa's largest Lake.
21.Father of History.
25.This country first used paper.
26.Hinduism is both polytheistic and this.
27.Ancient Egyptian writing.
28.Famous Japanese Christian and missionary
29.Indonesia first president. (2-wrds)
31.This structure best symbolizes the Egyptian sate and society.
32.He was the first black president of South Africa.
34.Both Hinduism and Buddhism keep their countries in this.
35.He built the greatest ancient civilization in African's interior.
36.He was a great Christian tribal chief from Africa.
1.Asiatic warriors who brought the Egyptian Middle Kingdom to an end.
3.Egyptian president who negotiated the Camp David Accords (2wrds)
4.This American missionary to Japan who invented the rickshaw. (2-wrds)
6.Both Hinduism and Buddhism consider animals to be this.
7.Edesius and Frumentius were what?
8.Ancient India greatest contribution to civilization.
9.The Father of Modern Missions.(2wrds)
13.The Book of the Dead is important in the history of where?
16.The most famous-missionary explorer of Africa.(2-wrds)
19.This religion tries to reach a state of "nirvana."
22.This Korea is communist today.
23.Great pharaoh whose pyramid is the largest.
24.What teenage Egyptian tomb was found in 1922.
29.He built the Maurya empire.
30.Ho Chi Minh was a Communist dictator here.
32.The longest river in the world.
33.First pharaoh of united Egypt.

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