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AP English Vocabulary

Brooke Ireland

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1.qualities of the shuttle carrying Neil Armstrong
6.the fanciful notion of Cinderella's dress
12."icy hot"
15."The tree waved."
16.when comparisons are written, as like, similarities
18.to become separated from something
20.a bitter critic
22.repeating resembled remarks
23.what gets teenagers into trouble when responding to questions
24.Crash, Boom, Bang
27.the sum of a saying with experience
28.how Katniss Everdeen reacted when a young contestant died surrounded by flowers (girl's name in the answer)
29."Energizer bunny arrested for battery."
1.the opposing muscle (triceps to biceps)
2.to be envious of somebody
3.a horses reaction to "hurry up"
5.the simplicity and charm of a priest's speech
7.supercilious soldier
8.Christina Aguilera stars in new hit movie
9.a type of ring that changes colors according to emotions
10.to give a praiseful remark
11.the harsh noise made while chewing this gum
13.bright, light, and exciting
14.snot happy
17.a comment stated without thought
19.the tip of intensity
21.sings short, brief songs on T.V. show Glee
25.the feelings expressed by one of the seven dwarfs
26.shortened version of the "strict" bone connecting your ribs

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