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  32                 33          
34 35                
    36         37           38
  39 40             41     42    
44     45                    
46               47                    

2.evaporating readily at normal temperatures; changeable; explosive; lighthearted; fleeting.
6.A sense of impending evil or misfortune.
10.hard to overcome; to be dreaded.
13.not having or showing a sense of the right thing to do or say without causing anger or hurt feelings; without skill in dealing with people
14.to dig or to make a tunnel under; to wear away and weaken the support of; to injure or to weaken in a slow or sneaky way.
17.to accept the conclusions or arrangements of others; to accede; to give consent by keeping silent.
19.A means of inflicting severe suffering, vengeance, or punishment.
22.strike with disgust or revulsion
24.not having the appearance of truth or reason.
26.consisting of selections from various sources.
29.to weaken.
30.easily deceived
32.A large quantity of people or things that is difficult to cope with.
33.an outcast.
34.to advise against something; to warn; to scold gently; to urge strongly.
36.winding back and forth; rambling.
40.not easily persuaded or convinced; doubting the fundamental doctrines of religion.
43.wordy; exceeding what is necessary or normal; lavish; overflowing.
45.a person who lives alone, away from others.
46.Committing no mistakes; consistently accurate.
47.practical; opinionated; concerned with actual practice rather than with theory or speculation
48.someone or something that brings about a change
49.organization by rank, class, or grade.
50.left over, remaining
1.Having no useful result; useless
4.to waste away
5.Having or exhibiting religious reverence; earnestly compliant in the observance of religion; devout.
7.A social, legal, or moral requirement, such as a duty, contract, or promise that compels one to follow or avoid a particular course of action.
8.a long, angry, or scolding speech; a harangue.
9.drowsy; dull; sluggish; indifferent.
11.intense emotion; great warmth of feeling.
12.confused; mixed up.
15.carelessness; lack of interest or concern.
16.tending to lower in estimation; degrading.
18.getting back strength or spirits quickly; spinging back into shape or position.
20.to make easy and quick; to speed up
21.without feelings or emotion; insensible.
23.present but invisible or inactive; lying hidden and undeveloped.
25.lacking brightness; dull; lacking liveliness, vitality, or enthusiasm.
28.spiteful; intentionally mischievous or harmful.
31.to make or to become milder or less severe; to moderate.
35.To condemn openly as being evil or reprehensible.
37.to decorate; to elaborate upon.
38.outrageous; glaringly offensive.
39.to oppose directly; to baffle; to block; to frustrate.
41.to calm or soothe; to satisfy.
42.to support; to be in favor of.
44.Reject with disdain.

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