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Government Chapter 1

Kevin Jones


  3   4
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26                                 27
  30                 31                  
32                   33                  

5.People surrender to the state the power needed to maintain order and the state protects citizens
7.Study of human efforts
11.Economic system providing free choice and individual incentive for workers
12.The united states and 20 other states
14.Political community that occupies a definite territory
16.Only beginning to develop industrially
19.Effort to control or influence the conduct and policies of government
20.Opportunity to control economic decisions
25.Ruled by 1 person
26.Plan that provides rules for government
28.Economic system in which buyers and sellers make free choices in the market
30.Ruled by many people
31.Insitution which state maintains social order
32.Econimic system where gov owns basic means of production
33.Autocratic government
1.Describes a country in which territory of both nation and state coinside
2.States the major goals of American Government
3.Voters hold soverign power
4.Economic system where the central government directs all major economic decisions
6.Invilves the interpretation and application of the constitution
8.Economic system where the government control the factors of productions
9.Refers to a government in which a constitution has authority to place clearly recognized limits on those who govern
10.Philosophy that government should keep its hands off the economy
13.Loose union of independent states
15.Gives all key powers to the national or central government
17.State has supreme and absolute authority its boundaries
18.Divides the powers of government between the national government and state or provincial governments
21.Nominates candidates for office
22.Workers who produce the goods
23.Ruled by few people
24.Capitalists who own the means of production
27.Agreement about basic beliefs
29.Any sizeable group of people who are united by common bonds of race, language, custom, tradition and religion

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