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supply and demand

rekeisha rodgers :)

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3.is a graphic representation of a demand schedule
6.describes demand that is not very sensitive to price changes
14.a measure of how consumers respond to price changes
15.describes demand that is very sensitive to a change in price
1.the quantiesdemanded at varios prices by all consumers in the market
2.goods that consumers demand more of when their incomes increase
4.when a good price is lower
5.a consumer reacts to a rise in the price of one good by consuming
7.a table that lists the qauntity of a good that a person will purchase
8.are two goods that are bought and used together
9.increasing your purchases of other foods
10.the latin phrase for all other things held constant.
11.are goods that you would buy in smaller quantities
12.are the statistical characteristics of populations, such as age,race, and gender
13.are goods that are used in place of one another

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