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supply &.demand

Brittany Duncan

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        13     14      

5.factors that can change.
10.all of the supply schedules of individual firms in market can be added up to create.
11.is the amount of goods available.
15.is a table that lists the quantity of a good that a person will purchase at various prices in a market.
1.producers offer more of goods as its price in creases and less as its price falls.
2.shows the quantities demanded at various prices by all consumers in the market.
3.measures how firms will respond to changes in the price of a good.
4.when the data points in the supply schedule are graphed.
6.for all the pizzerias.
7.to describe how much of good a producer is willingand able to sell at specific proce.
8.shows the relationship between price and quantity supplied for a specific good or hw much good.
9.when a consumerr reacts to rise in the price of one good by consuming less of thatgood and more of a substitute good.
12.says that when a good`s price is lower, consumers will buy more of it.
13.increasing your purchases of other foods.
14.is a graphic representation of a demand schedule.

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