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The Solar System

Peter Mathieson

1 2
3         4 5        
  7                     8
9   10            
14 15            

3.Which planet is the brightest? (5)
5.The Atlantic Ocean increases in width by how many cm a year? (5)
7.How many known moons does Jupiter have? (5-5)
9.How many years would it take a spacecraft to reach the Kuiper Belt? (6)
11.Who was the first man in space? (4,7)
12.What is the largest moon in the solar system? (8)
15.Triton is a moon of which planet? (7)
16.What was the first living creature to orbit the earth called? (5)
17.What is the name of the smallest dwarf planet? (5)
18.Which planet has the shortest orbit? (7)
19.The core of earth mostly consists of? (4)
20.What makes up over 99% of the solar system's mass? (3)
1.What planet is fifth from the sun? (7)
2.In which month was Pluto discovered? (9)
4.What is the largest volcanic mountain in the solar system? (7,4)
6.Which planet was a dwarf planet as of 2006? (5)
8.Which planet has the fourth largest planetary mass in the solar system? (6)
10.What is the name of the biggest dwarf planet? (4)
13.What is a shooting star? (6)
14.Which planet would float in water? (6)
18.What planet is known as "the red planet"? (4)
19.What is the name of the most volcanic moon in the solar system? (2)

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