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Tennis #1

Peter Mathieson

As of 02/03/2013

1 2 3
    6                 7        
11   12                    
      15 16      
21           22                    

4.Who has got a current streak of 3 consecutive Grand Slam Finals? (4,6)
6.Who is the only person to beat Nadal at the French Open? (5,9)
8.Who won the longest ever Men's Singles Wimbledon final? (6,5)
9.How many Masters events are there? (4)
10.Who won the Men's Singles Australian Open title in 1986? (6)
12.From which Grand Slam has Federer not got the joint most or most titles from? (5,4)
14.Which wildcard won the Men's Singles Wimbledon title? (5,10)
16.How many British players have won the Men's Singles Wimbledon title in the Open Era? (4)
17.Who beat Federer in straight sets in the 2008 Australian Open? (5,8)
18.Who was the highest ranked player, in the longest Davis Cup match? (5,7)
19.How many Junior Wimbledon titles did Roger Federer win? (3)
20.Who lost the longest ever tennis match? (7,5)
21.What is Federer's best result at the Olympics? (6)
22.Who was the last American to win the US open? (4,7)
1.What is Nadal's nickname? (4,2,4)
2.Who lost the longest ever Olympic Match? (4,6,3,5)
3.Who is the only French player to have won the French open Men's Singles title in the Open Era? (7,4)
5.How many different Australians have won the Australian open Men's Singles title in the Open Era? (4)
7.Who was the runner up at the 2009 Men's Singles US Open? (5,7)
11.Who was the last British woman to win Wimbledon? (8,4)
13.Who won the Men's Singles Wimbledon title in 1996? (7,8)
15.Who won the Men's Singles French Open Title in 1989? (7,5)

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