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Health - Male Reproductive System

A.D. Daniel's 7th Grade Health

Name__________________ Date____ Period______

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1.Male reproductive cells that can join with female reproductive cells to make another human.
7.Male's personal approach to care for the reproductive system
9.The condition when a male produces NO sperm.
10.___________ or warm shower - a method of keeping clean and caring for the body.
11.Another way to care for the male reproductive system is to wear ______ gear while participating in sports activities.
12.Mixture of sperm an fluids that protect and carry them through tubes of the male reproductive system.
13.The body's release of semen
2.A cancer that is more common in older men. Can be treated through surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy
3.Body organs and structures that make it possible to produce children
4.Pair of glands that produce sperm.
5.Someone in addition to a physician you should trust to give good advice about your health.
6.Process by which living organisms produce others of their own kind.
8.When a part of the intestines push through a weak spot into the scrotum or the area above the inner thigh.

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