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Chapter 3

Gene Schultz

chemical change, periodic table, and elements

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1.The ____ ____ is one of the spaces around the nucleus of an atom in which an electron moves.
4.A ___ ____ tells the kinds of atoms and how many of each kind are in a compound.
6.A ____ ____ is the attractive force that holds atoms together.
7.A ____ _____ is a statement that uses symbols, formulas, and numbers to stand for a chemical reaction.
8.A _____ is the substance that is formed in a chemical reaction.
10._______ are a group of two or more atoms that act like one atom.
12.A ____ is the substance that is dissolved in a solution.
15.A ____ is a letter or letters used in the periodic table of elements to represent one of the elements of the table.
17.__________ is the term we use when we keep the number of atoms the same on both sides of the equation.
18.A ____ is a combination of substances in which no reaction takes place.
19.A ____ _____ is a change in which the appearence (physical properties) of a substance changes but its chemical properties stay the same.
2.The ____ __ ____ __ ____ states: matter cnnot be created or destroyed in chemical or common physical changes.
3.A ___ ____ is a chemical change in which elements are combined or rearranged.
5.A ____ _____ is a change that produces one or more new substnces with new chemical properties.
6.A____ is a number placed before a formula in a chemical equation.
9.A _____ is a substance that is altered in a chemical reaction.
11.To ____ is to break something apart.
12.A ______ is a number in a chemical formula that tells the number of atoms of an element in a compound.
13.A ____ is a mixture in which one substance is disoved in another.
14.An ___ is an atom that has either a positive or a negative charge.
15.A ____ is a substance capable of disolving one or more other substance.
16.A ____ is a drawing or construction used to represent something real or unseen.

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