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Literary Elements / Vocabulary #1


All of the clues describe a literary element or a word that uses common prefixes/roots/suffixes.

Use your notes to complete the puzzle.

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2."The Interlopers"--a dark forest on a winter's night / "Retrieved Reformation"--early 1900s in a small town
5.Westly from "The Princess Bride" / NOT Miss Strangeworth from "The Possibility of Evil" / Jimmy from "A Retrieved Reformation" (Character type that can be paired with DYNAMIC)
6.If something is amorphous, then it has no particular:
9."The Princess Bride"--Fezzik / "A Possibility of Evil"--Miss Strangeworth
11.Raquel didn't go to the dentist to get her braces; instead, she went to the:
12.A person who is concerned with their own mortality is worried about his/her:
15.Daniel designed a machine that can determine the differences between the various shades of blue. He calls his machine a:
17."The Princess Bride"--after the prince is defeated they ride off into the sunset
19.If Teresa was NOT considered culpable of the crime of theft, a judge would find her:
20.If you went to a maritime museum, you would most likely see items related to the:
22.Someone who studies phonics would be interested in how words __________.
23."The Princess Bride"--Buttercup / "A Retrieved Reformation"--Jimmy / "A Possibility of Evil"--NOT Miss Strangeworth
26.Man vs. Nature / Man vs. Man / Man vs. Science
27."The Princess Bride"-- love an overcome any obstacle / "The Possibility of Evil"--Everyone's definition of "evil" is different
28.The ballerinas floated on stage like leaves falling softly from a tree
1.Mary would like to study hearing disorders and how they affect children. She would probably take classes in:
3.In "The Interlopers," the readers learn about the feud between Ulrich and Georg at the beginning of the story
4.Someone who loves books
7.This type of reaction would create or give off heat
8.Count Rugan in "The Princess Bride" / Annabel in "A Retrieved Reformation"
10.In "The Interlopers," Ulrich must make a desicion about killing/saving Georg when his men arrive
12.If you had a severe rash covering your body, you might want to see a __________ to find a cure.
13.The clouds were soft pillows floating in the blue sky.
14.In "A Retrieved Reformation" this includes: Jimmy getting out jail, beginning to rob banks again, falling in love, deciding to quit his life of crime.
16.In "The Princess Bride," the viewers learn about the six-fingered man from Inigo and how he plans to defeat him..
18.tYPE OF CONFLICT: "The Interlopers" the men must deal with the difficulties of being trapped during the storm and the wolves
21.If someone wants to know the history of an objects "nomenclature" he would be asking about its:
23.Someone who believes in God would be considered a:
24.The study of demographics would look at the way ___________ interact.
25."The Princess Bride"--when they reach the castle / "The Interlopers"--when the wolves arrive / "A Retrieved Reformation"--when the girl locks herself in the safe

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