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TV Production Review

Alvin Francis

Review key terms used in TV Production

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1.Curved glass on the video camera which colects light
5.Written portion of the video project which depicts any spoken parts.
8.An electronic cue card which diplays the talent's script through a glass mirror in front of the camera lens
9.3 legged mounting device for video camera or camcorder to provide stability
10.The left to right movement of the camera and it's support
11.An instrument used to measure a sound level intensity (3 Words)
12.A microphone that contains a small vibrating plate and requires power.
17.A microphone pickup patern which the mic picks up from only one direction
20.Repalcing old audio with new audio
22.Program information including the name, title, date and take number
23.A small condenser microphone used in video productions
24.An audio mixer controls which allows the mic inputs to perform at the same level
25.The vertical movement of the camera on the tripod
26.An electronic component which allows the combining of multiple audio sources (2 Words)
27.Pair of buses on a video mixer
28.Video equipment with a permanently attached recording device
2.A microphone with an extrem directional pater which picks up sound from a distance
3.Power provided by the audio mixer and some camcorders for powering a condenser microphone
4.A microphone pickup patern which the mic picks up equally from all directions
6.The information, concepts and ideas about the topic that are to be included in the video project. (2 Words)
7.A dial which controls the sound levels
13.The forward and backward movement of the camera and it's support
14.the process of adjusting the camera to surrounding light.
15.Small monitor on the camer that provided a view of the image to the videographer
16.Creatively identifying and listening to possible ideas and topics for a project.
18.The side to side movement of the camera on top of it's support
19.Microphone with a diaphram and a moving coil, a favorite of news reporters
21.The microphone resistance to audio flow
27.Rows of buttons on a video mixer

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