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Groundwater words

Peter Tu

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3.the soil's ability to attenuate substances which includes retaining chemicals or dissolved substances on the soil particle surface, transforming chemicals through microbial biological processing, retarding movement, as well as capturing solid particles
5.a type of monitoring well that is open only at the top and bottom of its casing
7.a liquid formed by water percolating through soil or soluble waste as in a landfill
9.the contour of the land surface
11.an accumulation of earth and stones carried by a glacier and usually deposited into a high point like a ridge
12.the water below the water table contained in void spaces
16.a vertical bore hole in which a pipe-like structure is inserted into the ground in order to discharge (pump) water from an aquifer
17.the process by which plants take up water through their roots and then give off water vapor through their leaves (open stomata)
19.the soil's ability to lessen the amount of, or reduce the severity of groundwater contamination
21.the property or capacity of a soil or rock for transmitting a fluid, usually wate
25.the sustained flow (amount of water) in a stream that comes from groundwater discharge or seepage
28.the natural process by which water transports salts and other soluble materials through the soil
29.water that is intercepted by vegetation and then runs down plant stems or tree trunks to the soil surface
30.solid or fractured rock usually underlying unconsolidated geologic materials
1.deposition of rain, snow, sleet, dew, frost, fog, or hail
2.water safe for drinking
4.water that is intercepted by vegetation and then drips off it to reach the soil surface
6.the process by which water or other liquids change from liquids to a gas vapor
8.the actual movement of subsurface water either horizontally or vertically
10.the study of the occurrence, distribution, and chemistry of all waters of the earth
13.any substance that makes water unfit for a given use
14.the study of the interrelationships of geologic materials and processes with water, especially groundwater
15.sediments consisting of silt, sand, clay, and gravel in varying proportions that are deposited by flowing water in marshes or valleys
18.the land area from which surface water and groundwater drains into a stream system
20.water that travels laterally or horizontally through the zone of aeration (vadose zone) during or immediately after a precipitation event and discharges into a stream or other body of water
22.a natural discharge of groundwater at the land's surface
23.the ratio of the volume of void or air spaces in a rock or sediment to the total volume of the rock or sediment
24.the study of science dealing with the origin, history, materials and structure of the earth, together with the forces and process operating to produce change within and on the earth
26.a saturated geologic formation (rock or sediment) capable of storing, transmitting and yielding reasonable amounts of groundwater to wells and springs
27.a chemical formed when nitrogen from ammonia (NH3), ammonium (NH4) and other nitrogen sources combines with oxygenated water

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