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1 2
    4 5
6       7            
  8 9              
11               12

3.Valium shouldn't be taken with other drugs as they create harmful ____ in the body
6.Used to treat ____ in military veterans
7.Valium is often abused by using them as ____ drugs
8.Prolonged use increases chance of ____
10.Stopping ___-____ is almost impossible with Valium
11.Valium slows down the body by effecting the central ____ system
13.Combining Valium and other drugs can damage the ____
14.Use of Valium ____ with age
15.Use for over a month increases the bodies ____ to Valium
1.Used to treat ____ in recovering addicts
2.Valium belongs to a group of drugs called ____
4.Valium is used to treat ____ and other mental disorders
5.A street name for Valium
9.Valium is under this class of drug
12.People talking Valium shouldn't ____ due to delayed responces

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