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Elements of Fiction and literary terms

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5.narrator knows and tells all of the thoughts and feelings of all the characters
10.writer's message or main point in the text
11.action that works out or begins to settle the problems
14.establishes setting, introduces main characters, and gives background information
15.problem with deciding what to do or think
16.narrator, not in the story, is telling the story using pronouns like she, he they, etc
17.problem that seems to be uncontrollable
18.narrator not in the story tell the thoughts of just one character
1.one of the characters is in the story and tells it from their point of view, using I, we, etc
2.problems with another character
3.position from which a story is told
4.problem with the laws or beliefs of a group
6.series of conflicts or struggles that build a story
7.conversation of words that characters speak
8.action that brings the story to a satisfactory close
9.highest, most intense point (turning point) of a story
12.problem with the environment or the force of nature
13.language spoken by a particular group of people

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