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Poetry Terms

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4.speaking of something that is not human as if it had human abilities
5.an exxageration used to make something greater
7.comparing two unlike things without using like or as
8.the beat of the poem tha combines accented syllables with unaccented syllables
10.pattern of rhyming sounds at the end of a line of peotry
13.repetition of a single letter or consonant sound (Betty baked the bread)
1.poetry written like conversation; no meter
2.all the tools that a poet uses to create a special feeling
3.use of words whose sound imitates or suggests its meaning
6.words that sound alike (moth and cloth)
9.a repeated work, phrase, line or group of lines in a poem or song
11.in a poem, a group of lines that form a unit.
12.comparing two things using like or as
14.common phrase made up of words that can't be understood by their literal meaning

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