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Alternative Pursuits

BTEC Public Services Extended Diploma

This crossword is designed to test your knowledge of alternative pursuits. Enjoy!

1 2            
    6 7
10                 11        
12 13              
14           15              

1.something corporate groups may wish to develop through participating in alternative pursuits.
3.a piece of group kit that is required when delivering any activity. (3 Words)
5.a high adrenaline alternative pursuit that a stag group might undertake.
8.alternative pursuits can be more...
9.the type of environment that mountain biking takes place in.
10.this should be completed before delivering any activity. (2 Words)
13.a piece of personal protective equipment that is required when climbing but not bouldering.
14.for most alternative pursuits participants are not required to have much of this.
15.bouldering has been adapted from...
16.white water rafting has been adapted from...
17.it can influence what alternative pursuits are delivered on the day.
2.it influences what type of activities outdoor activity centres can provide.
4.an alternative pursuit that is effective in developing communication. (2 Words)
6.being more accessible and requiring less equipment can make alternative pursuits...to run.
7.a piece of personal protective equipment that is required in both gorge walking and coasteering. (2 Words)
11.a water-based alternative pursuit.
12.snowboarding has been adapted from...

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