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Urbanization and Tomorrow's World(H)

E. Brand

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  5 6                          
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1.increased warming due to increased levels of gases that absorb infrared radiation
3.each individual in a population uses too large a share of resources
6.result of chronic hunger and malnutrition
10.using goods and services at a rate that conserves for future generations
17.maximum number of individuals of a species that can be supported by a particular area
18.livable environment, strong economy, efficient use of resources
19.unable to meet one's needs
20.local heat buildup due to dense population
22.provisions from the Earth's web-of-life
2.economic development that conserves resources for the future
3.livable city whose center is a ``big sidewalk''.
4.number and variety of Earth's organisms
5.area studied in the context of a broader ecological systems
7.deciding on Best practices for land development
8.restricted to specific land objectives
9.tall, multiple unit residential buildings, close to shopping and jobs
11.urbanized core region consists of surrounding cities and their surrounding suburbs.
12.abandoned vacant factories, warehouses, residential sites
13.cities with more than 10 million inhabitants
14.patchwork of vacant and developed tracts around the edges of cities
15.Process in which people move from rural areas to densely populated cities.
16.mass of heated, polluted air over an urban area
21.population, organization, environment, and technology

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