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Body and Behavior

Dr. Reimer

This wonderful exercise compliments Chapter 6.

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5.an imaging technique used to see which brain areas are being activated while performing tasks (3 Words)
6.twins who come from two different eggs fertilized by two different sperm. (2 Words)
7.The center of control of the endocrine system that secretes a large number of hormones (2 Words)
10.the different regions into which the cerebral cortex is divided
11.the gap that exists between individual nerve cells
16.nerves branching beyond the spinal cord into the body (3 Words)
18.a part of the brain that covers the brain’s central core, responsible for sensory and motor control and the processing of thinking and language
20.part of the peripheral nervous system that controls internal biological functions (3 Words)
22.the basic building blocks of heredity
23.a part of the brain located at the rear base of the skull that is involved in the basic processes of life
1.nerves that run up and down the length of the back and transmit most messages between body and brain (2 Words)
2.an imaging technique used to study the brain to pinpoint injuries and brain deterioration (3 Words)
3.the generic transmission of characteristics from parents to offspring
4.a measuring technique used to study brain structure and activity (3 Words)
8.the brain and the spinal cord (3 Words)
9.part of the peripheral nervous system that controls the voluntary movement of skeletal muscles (3 Words)
12.a chemical communication system, using hormones, by which messages are sent through the bloodstream (2 Words)
13.chemical substances that carry messages through the body in blood
14.a machine used to record the electrical activity of large portions of the brain
15.the chemical released by neurons, which determine the rate at which other neurons fire
17.twins who come from one fertilized egg; twins having the same heredity (2 Words)
19.the long, thin, cells of nerve tissue along which messages travel to and from the brain
21.small part of the brain above the Pons that arouses the brain, integrates sensory information, and relays it upward

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