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Lesson 1. Schools Around the World

1 2 3           4
  8     9     10    
12       13  
16             17              

2.There's always a lot of _______ at this time of the day.
5.First impression _______s for a long time.
7.People working at the bank are wearing ________s.
9.I can _______ it by myself.
11.When does your first _______ begin?
12.Who won the ________?
14.Today is their fiftieth wedding __________.
15.These days many students ________ _____ at a PC room.
16.I'm ________ing ________ ______ participating in a ski camp.
1.We have _________ plants in our garden.
3.Do you want ________ coke or diet coke?
4.The people are marching in a _________.
6.We had a heated ________ on the policy.
8.They are busy preparing for a _________ party.
10.________ _____ Mike, we have to get there by 12.
13.Our club is open to every _______.
17.Under the new _______s, casual dress is now allowed.

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