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Chapter 14

1 2 3
7 8                
  10       11          

4.Dill hid under Scout's bed and she finds him when she thought he was a_.
6._have started talking about Scout, Jem, and Atticus.
7.Aunt Alexandra wants to fire_, but Atticus refuses.
9.Scout wakes up and finds Dill in her_.
10.Atticus tells Dill to eat, then goes to_to tell her about Dill.
12._ tries to tell Scout what to do, which angers her.
1.Dill and Scout talk about where_come from.
2.Dill tells Scout and Jem he ran away because he felt_.
3.When she asked if she could go to Cal's house,_interrupted and said no.
5.Atticus told Scout to_to Aunt Alexandra when she talked back.
8.Jem tells_about Dill, which makes Dill and Scout mad.
11.Atticus talks to Scout about_.

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