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The UltiMATE Puzzle

Emily Nixon

Challenge accepted.

1 2
3   4        
  6 7         8     9    
10                 11 12        
      13 14    
15       16            
    18     19            
20 21     22         23     24
29                     30  

4.This is the name of the boutique that I had a co-op as a dressmaker's assistant in highschool.
5.My hard liquor of choice. (Often mixed with cranberry juice)
7.This is the street I live on now.
8.This is the name of the first and only love I have ever had.
10.The name of the newspaper column I wrote for the Fanshawe paper was called "_______ Ambition" (rhymes)
12.This colour isn't "purple", it's _______.
16.I use this word when I am giving an affirmative response, but don't feel like sounding committal.
17.I own a t-shirt with this Happy Days character's face on it.
18.The one food that I could never give up.
22.This is another word you are not supposed to use anymore (asshole).
25.Your amazing girlfriend's middle name.
26.You overuse this term. Can also be used to describe adventures.
27.I most often wear a gold necklace that has a pendant that is this shape.
29.We first met at a party on this holiday.
31.This is the name of the organization I created as a child to save bunnies. The word can also describe something that happens after a person is cut.
1.We both used to play this instrument.
2.I asked for one of these for Christmas as a child, and only just got one from my father this year.
3.The name of the street I lived on my first year at Fanshawe. (Also later held a riot)
6.My random nickname for you (inspired by part of your face).
7.Probably my worst subject in highschool (think about it).
9.Something we both aspire to do after we are done school.
11.The sales lady at Coach used this word to describe the colour of my handbag. Also became a running joke.
13.This is my mother's current last name.
14.I once owned this kind of pet when I lived on the farm, but I gave it away because of it's smell.
15.This is what colour my bathrobe is.
19.The first time I made a pizza for you, I failed to remove this before I put it in the oven.
20.My favourite book series (twowords).
21.I have raved about how much I love using this graphic design program on the computer.
23.I call this one of my biggest vices (besides shopping and chocolate).
24.I have always wanted to own this type of pet.
28.You are banned from using this word.
30.My favourite class in highschool was this.

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