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Air Miles

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    5 6 7
  8     9    

3.What type of customer are we calling?
4.Air Miles_______ allows redemption at point of sale
10.A customer can swipe there Air Miles card and use there American Express Card, this is called ____________. (2 words)
11.A nation wide Air Miles Sponsor
12.How many years does an Air Miles Collector have until their points expire?
1.A 5 step process to properly complete a call
2.Can reddem for travel, gift cards and merchandise
5.Gas Station, Grocery Store and Pharmacy is an example of________.
6.A way to ensure that call flow and guidelines are being followed properly
7."If you could travel anywhere, where would you go" is a _________ question.
8.(2words) The type of question we want to ask our customers
9.Where Card members can earn 1:$10 in spend

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