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15   16             17

2.Surrounding or preventing access to a harbor or port through the use of a military.
4.A widespread disease that kills a large number of people.
5.This large temple in Athens was built to honor the goddess Athena.
6.A ruler that comes to power through the use of military force and the support of the lower class.
7.A serious story that usually ends in disaster for the main character.
9.A high rocky cliff that is used for protection.
11.The Spartan military school that boys began attending at the age of seven.
13.People who use logic and reason to understand the world around them.
14.Wild or uncivilized people.
15.A city with its own central government, customs and beliefs.
1.A government where people rule themselves, and majority rules.
3.Murder that is done for political reasons
5.This group tried several times to invade Greece, but were defeated by Athens.
8.A member of the upper class. Often they have a great deal of political influence.
10.Famous poet who wrote The Odyssey, and The Illiad
12.A Greek meeting place and market.
16.This famous city was destroyed at the end of The Illiad
17.A long poem that tells a story. Usually contains great heroes or events.

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