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1 2       3                   4       5
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19     20               21       22  
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29                   30                      
31           32            

2.surgical puncture to remove fluid from the double membrane around the heart
6.runny nose
7.long or heavy menstrual periods
8.new surgical connection btwn two tube-like structures in the body
9.blood in the urine
11.opening in the trachea
12.process of recording an image of a vessel
14.surgical connection btwn the stomach and jejunum
15.common cause of congestive heart failure (description of the heart)
19.many surgically connected tubes
23.surgical connection btwn the jejunum and colon
24.difficulty breahting
28.removal of the gallbladder
29.opening of the first part of the large intestine to the outside of the body
30.surgical repair of a blood vessel using a catheter, balloon, and a stent
31.urine in the blood
32.benign muscle tumor of the uterus
33.incision into a vein
1.surgery that treats obesity
3.enlargment of the heart
4.process of recording brain wave activity of the brain
5.present on admission
10.surgical repair of the breast
13.hardening of the arteries
16.creation of an opening from the ileum to the outside of the body
17.removal of the ovaries
18.surgical procedure that involves the stapling of the stomach and anstomosis of the stomach with this 2nd part of the small intestine
20.removal of a fallopian tube
21.abnormal increase in white blood cells
22.inflammation of the gallbladder
25.star shaped mass
26.percentage of red blood cells in a volume of blood
27.xray picture of the spinal cord using contrast material

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