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Chapter 3 Review

Mr. Kasper

1 2
3 4 5              
6 7   8     9              
12                       13  
15   16                            
          18   19
20                         21  
          22     23      

5.Mountainous country; citrus fruits & bananas important exports
7.A large group of islands
10.Narrowest, southern most country of Central America
12.Civil war from 1979 to 1990; Sandinistas vs rebel forces; north of Costa Rica
16.An island group in the Caribbean that includes Cuba, Jamaica, Hispaniola and Puerto Rico
20.An organization owned by its members and operated for their mutual benefit
22.Narrow strip of land that connects two larger land areas
24.Group of small islands in the Caribbean; they stretch from the Virgin Islands to Trinidad
25.Country rebuilding after civil war in 1990's; country's fertile soil helps grow coffee & sugar cane
26.U.S. commonwealth; U.S. citizens; once a Spanish colony
27.Country located between Nicaragua and Panama; stable government; coffee & bananas important to country's economy
1.A self-governing territory associated with another country
2.Country and group of islands located east of Florida in the Atlantic Ocean
3.A moist, high-elevation tropical forest where low clouds are common
4.Eastern half of Hispaniola; Santo Domingo is its capital; economy based on tourism
6.Smallest population in Central America; English offical language
8.Largest & most populous country in Caribbean
9.Canal built by the U.S. in the arly 1900's across the isthmus of Panama
11.The capital of Cuba
13.Most populous country in Central America; 60% are Mestizo & European; coffee most important crop
14.An arm of the Atlantic Ocean between North & South America
15.A regional variety of a language
17.the practices of using an area's natural environmen to attract tourists
18.Conflict between two or more groups within a country
19.Someone who flees to anothe country usually for political or economic reasons
21.Island in the West Indies. comprising the republic of Haiti and Dominican Republic
23.Western half of Hispaniola; poorest country in the Americas; coffee & sugar cane main exports

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