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Reaction with metals

Mr Hunter

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2.Type of salt formed from sulphuric Acid
6.Type of salt formed from hydrochloric Acid
8.Very unreactive metal
9.One of the things required for corrosioin to take place
10.Copper and iron metals placed into a lemon produces a _ _ _ _ _ _ _
11.Naturally ocurring compounds containing metals
12.Rusting is a special term for Iron but what is the general term for all metals
14.Term for splitting compunds using electricity
19.Reactivity can be tested only when the experimental set up is _ _ _ _
20.Speeds up corrosion
21.Type of salt formed from nitric Acid
22.Iron, nickel, tin, copper, aluminium and zinc are all types of _ _ _ _ _
23.A coating of this helps prevent corrosion
24.Storage of metals under oil protects them from the _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ in the air
26.A mobile source of energy
27.Reacts with a metal forming a salt and hydrogen gas
30.Describes the noise of the reaction of hydrogen near a lit splint
31.Using this form of energy we can extract low reactivity metals from compounds
32.A list describing the ease with which metals form other compounds
1.Voltage produced using two identical metal electrodes
3.Gas produced when acids and metals react
4.One of the things required for corrosioin to take place
5.'Stone' added with Iron and Carbon to the Blast furnace
6.Heating copper oxide with a powder of this can extrate the metal
7.To increase the voltage produced from a lemon battery the type of electrode metals should have a _ _ _ _ _ spacing in the Reactivity Series
13.Coating a metal with another, usually zinc, to prevent corrosion is called
15.Name the gas given off at the positive electrode when splitting copper chloride using electrolysis
16.Essential protection when doing chemistry experiments
17.Iron etraction takes place in a _ _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ _ _ _
18.Very reactive metal
25.Type of compound formed when a metal reacts with oxygen
28.High carbon form of coal used in Iron extraction
29.The name for corroded iron

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