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Sadia Saleem

1 2
4     5          
7               8    
11 12                      
  14 15                          
      18         19              

4.Franz Ferdinand and his wife were assassinated in which Bosnian city?
7.What nervous breakdown did many soldiers suffer from?
9.Ferdinand's killer Princip was part of the _____________ group. (2 Words)
12.The rotting of the flesh between and around the toes. (2 Words)
15."The Big Three" consisted of UK, France and ___________. (2 Words)
16.Which background cause marked a country's domination by creating colonies?
17.The Triple ________ were composed of Russia, UK, and France.
18.What plan was developed by the Germans to avoid war on to fronts? (2 Words)
20.Canadian pilot Roy Brown shot down which famous German pilot?
1.War trenches were built in what format? (2 Words)
2.What is now known as Canada's most celebrated battle? (2 Words)
3.________ were used as a back up weapon if ammunition was scarce.
5.Being able to shoot 5 planes meant you were part of what group?
6.What were the Central Powers more commonly known as? (2 Words)
8.What system was used for ships to safely cross through Germany-armed waters? (2 Words)
10.Soldiers crossed ___________ in order to attempt capturing the opposing team. (3 Words)
11.What country was said to be responsible for starting WWI in the Treaty of Versailles?
13.Germany torpedoed what luxury liner that lead the US unto war?
14.Poisonous gases were first used in what WWI battle?
19.WWI lasted for how many years?

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