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The Giant Wild Goose Pagoda and Xuanzang

by Jon Martin

Use the clues to complete the crossword. All the answers are below or in the story text provided.

1 2            
3     4                              
    7                     8 9  
11                 12              
13                     14    
16               17   18
19   20               21  
    23       24          
25       26          

2.A person who studies a topic and knows a lot about it, often after much study that person may be called an 'expert' on this topic.
3.One of the four great classical novels of Chinese writing.
6.When two things relate to each other which causes some change or affect.
7.The opposite to the oldest. example. He was the y******* boy in his family.
11.To repair and 'improve' something.
12.the purpose of... for example; the f******* of a bank is to keep money.
13.A feel one person gets after seeing or listening to something that helps you make a decision.
15.Someone who practices or believes in Buddhism
16.to do with religion. example_ the man was very r*******s.
19.To make someone do what you want them to do.
22.To repair something like a building or wall.
23.To have run from some place quickly
24.To want to do something. Often you feel in your heart you really have the feeling.
25.A wise person
26.The face of a building often the side that faces a street.
27.A horizontal section of a building, much like the floor of a building.
1.To announce or declare something to be official or in a formal way
2.prayers written on paper and small objects in the shape of people or animals.
4.To rule with authority like a King or Queen.
5.A Chinese Buddhist monk who travelled to India.
8.A person who can listen and then speak or write what they hear into another language.
9.(singular form) of the meaning of 100 years.
10.To order or command something. To give an official name to a person formally.
14.The outside of something, like a building or an apple
17.Something religious or related to religion that is held to be very very special.
18.To say NO to something like an invitation or to do something someone asks you to do.
19.A temple of sacred religious building often like a pyramid shaped tower
20.To stop working when you get older.
21.Is the man who created Buddhism and the Buddhist religion by rejecting and refusing money and lots of things.

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