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6               7            
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2.We rely on this for guidance and inspiration. It is what we live by.
5.I am a neither a copier nor fax machine, some think i can scan and put everything on paper
6.My name means i am ''assignment orientated''
7.The nickname given to the monthly source of information
11.This is a synonym for grey-scale or single colour print out
12.Without me things can not be purchased and goods cannot be transfered
13.New KYOCERA product range of which the first four letters mean water
14.We install, maintain and quarantee your KYOCERA device
1.This is a written assurance that we will repair or replace your faulty product
3.The new home of KYOCERA is in this office park
4.Customers compliments and complaints are posted on this site
8.These are held every year to incentive dealer sales representatives
9.We store, count and transfer KYOCERA products to partners
10.Some use me to plan ahead, some scratch me out once used and cultures have different perceptions of me

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