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Chapter 13 "North and South"

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2.Unfair treatment of an entire race or group
3.Political party that called for stricter citizenship laws while also wanting to ban foreign born citizens from holding office
6.An unfair opinion based on facts
8.A refusal to work in order to put pressure on employeers (usually for better working conditions)
10.One of the 3 factors of production; money for investment - but can also refer to equipment, buildings, machinery, and tools
12.The region that had undergone the most industrialization and possessed more factories, technology, and better transportation.
13.Ships with sleek hulls and tail sails that could sail as fast as the steamsboats of the days
14.A large farm that usually covered several thousand acres
16.Credited with inventing the steam boat
17.The region that still based its economy largely on farming
18.Builder of the first American steam locomotive
19.Inventor of the mechanical reaper
22.Capital of Georgia - major city of the deep South.
23.Farmers in South who did not own land or slaves - usually rented land or worked landlord's estates in exchange for a place to live
27.African-American religious folk songs
30.Device that used electronic signals to transmit messages over long distances
31.Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas made up this region
32.This ethnic group migrated to the United States mainly due to the large potato famine they had to deal with in their home country
33.Harsh, unjust laws in Southern states that conrtolled enslaved people
34.Regular expenses such as housing and feeding workers and maintenance - remain about the same year after year
35.Organizations of workers that shared the same trade or skill
36.A series of dots and dashes that represented the alphabet; the language the telegraph used to communicate
39.Invented the steel-tipped plow in 1837
40.Name of the first American steam locomotive
41.Cyrus McCormick's invention that could harvest grain much faster than a hand operated sickle
42.One of the 3 factors of production; includes an area's natural resources
1.A network of safe houses owned by free blacks, whites, and abolitionists who opposed slavery. Hundreds of slaves used it to escape to freedom to the North.
4.Manager of a plantation - oversaw slaves while they worked in the field
5.Famous female "conductor" of the Underground Railroad. She helped hundreds of slaves escape to the North.
7.A large city in the "Upper South" - Population had reached 212,000 by 1860
9.Transformed trade in the nation's interior by allowing grain, livestock, and dairy products to move from the Midwest to the East
11.One of the 3 factors of production; includes the amount of workers needed to turn natural resources to goods
15.An important port city at the mouth of the Mississippi River - Population had reached 168,000 by 1860
20.Led a slave revolt in 1831 - His rebellion frightened white Southerners and led to the passing of stricter slave codes
21.An extreme shortage of food.
24.Inventor of the Cotton Gin
25.People that felt immigration threatened the future of "native" [American born] citizens
26.Inventor of the telgraph
28.Money for investment
29.Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina made up this region
37.Town in Massachusetts famous for its mills
38.Name for farmers in the South that did not own slaves

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