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Ch 11 Bus & Tech Princ of Bus & Fin

Ms. Susan Smith

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5.program code having an ability to damage or "crash" a computer system, software or stored information
10.to do your job from home using a computer to save travel time and expenses
14.mechanical equipment programmed to perform routine tasks at home or worksite
16.to use computers to help people learn or better their skills individually (3 Words)
17.stealing or illegally downloading software, information, digital media, such as films, songs, images
18.computers in businesses and schools linked together so users can share hardware, software, and data
19.instructions that run the computer system, including word processing, spreadsheet, database, etc.
20.physical elements of a computer system
1.an ordered system to process and report data within an organization, such as inventory control, personnal data, sales, etc. (3 Words)
2.series of detailed, step-by-step directions telling the computer tasks to perform
3.input device, processing unit, memory/storage, output device working together (2 Words)
4.computer programs that assist us in solving technical problems, such as medical, financial, and legal software (2 Words)
6.software enabling computers to learn, make independent decisions, and use logic similar to the way humans think and reason (2 Words)
7.computer commands that allow application software to interact with computer hardware (3 Words)
8.control center of the computer (3 Words)
9.programs that do certain tasks, such as create documents, make tables and spreadsheets, publish greeting cards or newsletters, create reports from stored databases (2 Words)
11.alphabetic letters, numbers, words, symbols systematically used to interact with a computer (2 Words)
12.technical software to create product styles and designs by inputting various sizes, shapes, colors, materials, (3 Words)
13.global network that allows users to access information on almost every topic (3 Words)
15.to do electronic business transactions using the Internet or other technology

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