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1850s Crossword

Sarah Krug

1 2 3
5 6 7 8 9      
10                                 11  

4.hotheaded southern agitatiors who favored succession from Union (2 Words)
10.repealed Missouri compromise, allowed citizens to decide on issue of slavery themselves (3 Words)
13.Arizona and New Mexico purchase from Mexico (2 Words)
14.author of Compromise of 1850 (2 Words)
1."Father of Popular Sovereignty", ran for president against Taylor but lost (2 Words)
2.Supreme court case that declared slaves had no rights and were property (4 Words)
3.abolitionist who lead a raid on Harper's Ferry (2 Words)
5.weak Democratic president whose cabinet pushed aggressive expansion (2 Words)
6.speech by Webster to urge North to compromise on issue of California slavery (3 Words)
7.anti-slavery party concentrated in NY and active in 1848 and 1852 elections (3 Words)
8.book that exposed evils of slavery (3 Words)
9.California admitted as free state, south gets stronger fugitive slave law, slave trade banned in D.C. (3 Words)
11.author of Kansas Nebraska Act (2 Words)
12.famous female "conductor" on Underground Railroad (2 Words)

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