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Characters in the Aeneid

Sarah Ashton

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2.The father of Aeneas.
5.A Cyclops.
8.Queen Dido's sister.
9.The messenger of the gods.
10.The queen of Carthage.
11.The former king of the Etruscans, he was deposed by his own subjects because of his cruelty toward them and becomes Turnus's ally. He attempts to avenge his son by killing Aeneas, but fails.
12.Is fought over by Turnus and Aeneas. Daughter of Latinus and Amata.
14.The son of Creusa and Aeneas.
16.Pallanteum's king and Pallas's father, he allies himself with Aeneas, who visits him in his city, built on the site of the future Rome.
18.The widow of the Trojan prince Hector.
22.Aeneas's steadfast and loyal ship's pilot, whose life Neptune exacts as the price of the Trojans's safe crossing from Sicily to Italy in Book V. He was murdered by savages as he swims ashore after Somnus, the god of sleep, induces him to fall overboard.
23.The wife and queen of Latinus, her name — Latin for "beloved" — ironically contradicts the actual nature of this highly disagreeable character. Her influence is always negative: Favoring Turnus rather than Aeneas as the husband for her daughter.
25.One of the three furies, female deities who drive their victims mad with rage. Juno uses Allecto's evil influence to incite war between the Trojans and the Latins.
28.The king of Drepanum, in western Sicily, he gives refuge to Aeneas and his people in Books III and V after storms drive them off course.
31.A female warrior of the Volscians and Turnus's ally in his battle against Aeneas's forces.
32.The god of the sea.
34.The main protagonist.
36.King of Latium, father of Lavinia and husband of Amata.
38.A son of Troy's King Priam and Queen Hecuba, and the first husband of Andromachë.
39.The Greek warrior who cleverly persuades the Trojans to bring the wooden horse inside Troy's protective walls.
43.The ferryman of the underworld.
44.The queen of the gods and Jupiter's wife
45.A prince of the Rutulian tribe and the leader of the Latin forces who oppose the settlement of the Trojans in Latium. He was originally supposed to marry Lavinia before Aeneas showed up.
46.The son of Evander, Pallas resembles Lausus, Mezentius's son, in his youth, bravery, beauty, and pietas. Pallas's death at the hands of Turnus in Book X is avenged when Aeneas kills Turnus, who brazenly wears Pallas's swordbelt slung unceremoniously over his shoulder.
1.The god of love. His mother is Venus.
2.A Greek crewman of Ulysses, he is accidentally abandoned on Sicily, home of the Cyclopes, when his companions flee from the angry one-eyed giants. The Trojans rescue him in Book III.
3.A daughter of Jupiter and the goddess of wisdom.
4.Leader of the sea nymphs.
6.Mezentius's son, killed by Aeneas in Book X.
7.Also known as Jove, he is the king of the gods and Juno's husband.
13.A young Trojan warrior and the inseparable companion of Nisus, in Book IX, he is slain by the Rutulians while attempting to inform Aeneas of Turnus's attack on the Trojan camp.
15.Prince of Tyre and husband of Dido, he is already dead at the time of the Aeneid's action. His spirit is united with Dido's in the underworld, where Aeneas sees them together.
17.The sibyl of Cumae. A prophetess and priestess of the god Apollo, she predicts the future for Aeneas and accompanies him on his visit to the underworld.
19.The leader of the Harpies, a band of vicious bird-women, who attack the Trojans
20.A god associated with beginnings, gates, and doorways.
21.Priam's wife and Troy's queen.
24.A river nymph of Italian origin, she is the supernatural sister of Turnus, whom she vainly tries to help.
26.In Book II, suspecting trickery on the part of the departing Greeks, Laocoön warns his fellow Trojans against bringing an immense wooden horse, left behind by the Trojans's enemy, inside Troy's walls. He and his two sons are slain by two giant sea serpents sent by the goddess Minerva.
27.The ruler of a group of Trojan exiles living in the city of Buthrotum, and Andromachë's second husband. In Book III, he warns Aeneas of the dangers along the sea route to Italy and advises him to consult the sibyl of Cumae.
28.Known as "the faithful Achatës," he is Aeneas's armor-bearer and a devoted follower of the Trojan hero throughout the epic poem.
29.The god of fire and metalworking, whom Venus persuades to forge the arms and protective armor that she presents to Aeneas..
30.The goddess of love and mother of Aeneas.
33.The leader of Aeneas's Etruscan allies.
34.The god of prophecy and civilization
35.Troy's aged king, who is cut down in his palace by Pyrrhus in Book II during the Greeks's siege of the city
37.The god of the winds, who, at Juno's request, unleashes the storm that drives the Trojans off course after they leave Sicily.
40.A Trojan warrior and Euryalus's inseparable companion. In Book IX, he is slain while trying to rescue his friend from Rutulian troops, who waylay the two young Trojans as they are crossing enemy territory with a message for Aeneas.
41.The goddess of hunting and protectress of women.
42.Aeneas's first wife.

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